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Grimms Group is an engineering service provider that specialises in five main industries: Automotive, Marine, Pumps, Power Generation, And Spare Parts. In addition to working with companies and individuals in these industries, the company also assists public institutions with their projects.

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Grimms Pumps Solutions

‘Improve the reliability, efficiency, and lifetime of your pumping system’

Grimms Pumps Solutions is a premium supplier and installer of water pumps in the Western Cape and South Africa. We carry a large selection of pumps to ensure that you are able to get the right pump for your needs. we distribute, resell, install, and provide the most cost-effective repair/maintenance solutions for freshwater applications, wastewater applications, and associated equipment.

DivisionsGrimms Pumps Solutions
SpecialitiesPumps Services
Services– Troubleshooting, repair, maintenance, and installation
– Pump performance testing
– Inspection and preventive maintenance: laser alignment, vibration testing
– Precision machining, rotation & balancing
– On-site service and repair
– Sales & spare parts
– After sale technical support
– 24/7 emergency repair services
– Short and long-term contract services
SectorsMunicipal & industrial, food & beverages, multifamily units, water & wastewater treatment plants for public and private sectors.

Grimms - Pumps Solutions

Improve the reliability,
efficiency, and lifetime
of your pumping system

Emergency Repair Division

At Grimms Pumps solutions, we understand time is critical and that downtime can be costly, which is why we provide 24/7 emergency pump repair services. Our complete in-house repair facility includes a comprehensive machine shop, assembly floor, wash bay, paint shop, rigging, pump test facility and much more. Our extensive experience in the industry as well as our fully equipped facility and skilled workforce, ensures that pump services are carried out to the highest standard and at competitive prices.

Our repair and maintenance services include:

  • Water and sewage pump repair
  • Complete overhaul including welding and machining
  • Control panel and level sensor repairs and modifications
  • Pump upgrades and refurbishments
  • Rebuilding of existing pumps
  • Valves and piping installation and repairs
  • Maintenance and repair of lift stations
  • Advanced coatings (Ceramic, Epoxy, Metal, etc.)

Emergency Repair Division

At Grimms pumps solutions, we take pride in our innovative pump designs and can provide a custom design solution to suit every need. Our experienced group of certified engineers work in direct collaboration with our customers to optimize pump performance and to increase the reliability of the pump. When a pump is not performing as desired, our engineers will quickly evaluate, diagnose, and identify the source of your pump’s degradation and then recommend a tailored plan to get it fully operational.

Emergency Repair Division

In government, municipalities and other public sector facilities, downtime is never an option. However, neglecting critical system upgrades such as pumping equipment can lead to costly failures and repairs.

At Grimms Pumps Solutions, we provide a proactive, professional, and cost-effective service to fulfil all pumping requirements. Our team has successfully completed motor repairs, rebuilds, and complete overhauls for municipal water and sanitation facilities, including:

  • The City of Cape Town’s submersible sewage pumps,
  • Drakenstein municipality wastewater plant and pump stations,
  • Swartland municipality wastewater plant and pump stations,
  • Theewaterkloof municipality wastewater plant/ pump stations,
  • West coast district municipality freshwater plant and pump stations, etc.

Emergency Repair Division

Submersible & Immersible Pumps

Submersible pumps are designed to work fully submerged in water whereas immersible pumps are installed in vertical position with the motor above the liquid. They are essential to transport water from one location to another and can be used in a range of different situations such as removing floodwater, draining basements, irrigation, or moving sewage water. Grimms Pumps Solutions will help you choose the right pump that suits your environment’s needs. We fully supply, install, and service submersible as well as immersible water pumps.

Vertical Or Horizontal Multistage Pumps

Multistage pumps are used in high-pressure applications. They consist of multiple impeller stages that are connected together on the same level with inlet and outlet. Multistage pumps are becoming increasingly important for production efficiency and neglecting their inspection or maintenance can lead to serious economic losses. To ensure your pumps work to their fullest potential, call our service for inspection and one of our qualified engineers will advise a maintenance package tailored for you.

Positive Displacement Borehole Pump

Borehole pumps, which can be submerged and reach large depths, are a type of pump that is typically designed to allow groundwater to reach surface level. They are used in various applications including household use, irrigation, mining, farming and much more. The selection of the right borehole pump is crucial. One should ideally last for 10 years or more, making it much more cost-effective in the long term. Our team will help you choose a longer-lasting low maintenance borehole pump that suits your needs

Circulator Pump

A circulator pump is a type of pump designed to move liquids, gases, or slurries inside a closed loop. They’re often used in hydronic or radiant heating systems, closed-loop boiler or cooling and hot water recirculation systems. Whether you need single, three phase or seal bearing assemblies, we will provide you with the best solution that suits your needs and your budget.

Booster set

A pressure boosting system main function is to increase low pressure in the system in order to provide a sufficient flow of water and adequate pressure for consumers. It usually consists of one or more pumps installed to help increase the pressure of fluids in a system to a certain target level, independent of various other factors such as flow and suction pressure. A wide selection of booster sets is available at Grimms Pumps Solutions, suitable for buildings, irrigation systems, and other applications that require constant pressure to provide a reliable water supply.

Lifting station

A lifting station is useful to pump wastewater from a lower elevation to a higher point when this one is not connected directly to a sewer system. If the evacuation of water by gravity alone is not possible, then the choice of a lifting station will be essential. This system is suitable for both domestic and commercial facilities and will allow you to optimize the disposal and evacuation of your wastewater in autonomous or collective sanitation. whether you are looking for a new lift station or a maintenance plan, send us your request, and our experts will provide you with the best solutions.

End Suction Bare shaft /close coupled Pumps

End suction long coupled centrifugal pumps are optimal for large-scale industrial processes, whilst the Close-coupled are versatile, relatively low cost and useful in many industries. All end-suction pump designs function in the same way, by directing the liquid flows along the impeller and the suction and discharge form a 90° angle to each other. The long coupled has been specifically designed for continuous services applications and are very durable compared to the close-coupled pumps. Not sure which pump to select? Our team of experts will provide technical assistance related to your End suction pump. Our services include inspection, supply, installation, maintenance, and repair.

Encapsulated Pumps

Stainless steel encapsulated centrifugal Pumps are renowned for their ease of integration. Their small size and light weight make them adaptable to all types of environments, including domestic water supply. The motor is encapsulated in a pressure sleeve, which hermetically seals and protects the unit while ensuring low maintenance and low noise levels.

Horizontal split case pumps

Horizontal split case pumps are an optimal solution and an excellent investment with regard to maintenance: since the pump housing is axially divided into two parts, they offer the possibility of intervening by completely removing the rotor without necessarily intervening on the motor or its pipes. The areas of use of split case pumps are water supply, fire extinguishing systems, industrial installations, and HVAC systems. They are also increasingly used in agriculture. Contact us for more information on prices, availability, pump replacement, etc.

Mono pumps

The mono pump can efficiently process slurries, shear-sensitive mixtures, two- or three-phase combinations, or when high suction capacity is needed. This pump’s design can handle low and high flow rates equally well, which makes it great for a range of applications. Its design also allows for the development of multistage pumps that can increase pressure handling capabilities.

Why Choose Grimms Pumps solutions?

Nationwide emergency breakdown service 24/7/365:

Whether you are experiencing a minor failure or a major breakdown you can rely on us for a fast and efficient service. Our teams are available at any time, all year round.

Installation and commissioning:

we can help you select the right pump for your specific needs and provide a professional installation service.

Over 30 years industry experience with a team of experienced and accredited engineers.

State-of-the-art workshop allowing us to make repairs in-house.

We provide tailor-made maintenance contracts including periodic visits and priority callouts.

Spare Parts

Our portfolio

  • We carry a large selection of spare parts kits for different pump types.
  • Spare parts kits are a great way of ensuring that you have everything you need (e.g., impeller, sealing element, bearing,)
  • Possibility of purchasing each part separately.

Why choose Grimms Pumps Solutions for your spare parts requirements?

  • All spare parts are available at short notice.
  • We supply guaranteed and high-quality OEM spare parts for a wide variety of pumps.
  • All parts and components are manufactured according to the latest design standards.
  • Our experts can advise you on the exact parts you need for your pump.

Grimms Pump Solutions

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