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Your trusted engineering partner since 1986
We have gained a notable reputation for providing reliable mechanical and electrical services to commercial and public vehicles.

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Grimms Auto services

Grimms Auto Services is one of the most diverse automotive repair centers in the Western Cape offering high-quality, cost-effective, and reliable repair services. Our expertise includes all aspects of auto mechanics and auto electrical solutions in the automotive industry, including engine overhauls, auxiliary system repairs, air system components, and much more.

DivisionsGrimms Auto-services
SpecialitiesAuto Mechanic & Auto Electrical Services
Services– Engine clearance
– Roadworthy testing
– Micro dotting
– Complete vehicle diagnostic tests and reporting
– Engine diagnostics and performance
– Installation, maintenance, and repairs
– Spares and engines supply
– Project management & service contracts
– 24/7 breakdown services & technical assistance
– Free Collection in a 25km radius of our premises
– Free of charge multi-point check
SectorsAutomotive & transport- all type of Auto vehicles, heavy duty, and industrial vehicles.
For public, industrial, commercial, and private sectors.

Grimms -Auto Service

Auto Mechanic
& Auto Electrical

Commercial & Public services

With over thirty years of experience, we have gained a notable reputation for providing reliable mechanical and electrical services to commercial and public vehicles. Our mission is to keep businesses’ critical machinery running, including heavy goods vehicles, tractors, and more. Our teams offer turnkey mechanical and electrical solutions for the SA’s local authorities, emergency services and governmental departments.

Private services

Our auto services division has been providing general mechanical services to the public for decades. We can fault-find, service, repair, and much more on all models of vehicles. Our professional team has the expertise and the necessary equipment to perform, safely and cost-effectively, all vehicle repair requirements.

Industrial services

With nearly four decades of experience, our team is able to carry-out all the client’s services, repairs, maintenance, and supply parts of their heavy-duty engines related to the mining industry.

Key Expertise:

  • Engine rebuilds, services, maintenance, and repairs
  • Turbocharger overhaul, service, maintenance, and repair
  • Clutch repair and overhaul
  • Cylinder repair and overhaul
  • Cooling system repair
  • Brake test and repair
  • Steering box reconditioning and replacement
  • Wheel overhaul, repair, and refinishing services
  • Prop shafts service and overhaul
  • Skimming: Light duty, brake discs, flywheels, and rear brake drums
  • Re-gas aircon
  • Power steering racks
  • Pumps repair and maintenance
  • Gear boxes repair and maintenance

Grimms Auto Services

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+27 21 712 2283


16 Estmil Road,
Diep River, Cape Town,
7800, South Africa

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