Atlantic Commercial Diesel Services


Our wealth of industry knowledge, coupled with our reliable equipment and diligent workmanship, will create a worry-free experience for passengers and crew.

Atlantic Commercial Diesel Services

ACDS: A turnkey solution!

ACDS is the marine division of Grimms Group, specializing in all types of marine diesel engines, and offering a full range of solutions, from repair and refit to installation and maintenance. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective services for vessels of all sizes and purposes, including commercial, pleasure crafts and government vessels. ACDS’ qualified mechanics and technicians are 24/7 available on-site or at our state-of-the-art workshop, based in Cape Town Paarden Eiland, and conveniently located in close proximity to Table Bay Harbour.

More than a mechanical service provider, we are also cooperating with qualified electricians and highly skilled technicians specialised in electronic systems repairs on board. This means we’re able to offer turnkey solutions, delivering only the very best in quality workmanship, at competitive rates, and on-time delivery.

With nearly four decades of experience and a worldwide network, we are able to take on any kind of project from a simple maintenance upgrade to a major refit project.

Atlantic Commercial Diesel Services: Structure & Service offering

DivisionsGrimms ACDS – Marine Division
SpecialitiesMarine Diesel Engine, Propulsion System, Gensets, Monitoring SystemDiesel Engine & Marine Gensets Sales
Services– On-site assessment, diagnostics & troubleshooting
– Installation, maintenance, and repairs
– Spares supply
– Dyno testing and sea trials
– Technical assistance
– Engine refits, turnkey project management and service contracts
– Marine diesel engine exchange programs
– Marine diesel engine rebuilds
– New & remanufactured marine diesel engines
– Marine diesel engine parts supply
– New marine gensets supply
SectorsMaritime – Vessels, small craft, yachts, naval vessels etc.
For public and private Sectors.

Grimms -ACDS

Marine Diesel Engine,
Propulsion System,
Gensets, Monitoring System

Whether your marine activities are personal, commercial, or military, you need personalized solutions for your engine maintenance planning, repairs, rebuilds and upgrades. Our wealth of industry knowledge, coupled with our reliable equipment and diligent workmanship, will create a worry-free experience for passengers and crew.

ACDS expertise covers several mechanical and electrical work including the following:

  • Engine overhaul and refurbishment of components
  • Marine diesel engine repair and maintenance
  • Marine diesel gensets repair and maintenance
  • Turbocharger repair and turbo balancing technology
  • Gearboxes and alternator repair and maintenance
  • Valve overhaul
  • Local operating panels repair and maintenance
  • Engine control units repair and maintenance

We offer repair and related maintenance services of all marine diesel engine makes and models,
including but not limited to:


Sea Trial Program & Dyno testing:

Sea Trial

Sea trials are carried out after dock tests to showcase the main and auxiliary systems’ performance under realistic scenarios. It’s a critical step in proving the safety and proper operation of your vessel. The tests are also essential to diagnose any problem related to your engine such as excessive fuel consumption, overheating or smoke. whether it’s a brand-new diesel engine or a refurbished one, our experienced mechanics will inspect your engine and generator to guarantee full compliance with the manufacture’s installation guidelines.

Dyno testing:

By launching its biggest dynamometer test facility in Cape Town, Grimms ACDS has now the capacity to verify the reliability and performance of your heavy-duty engine and to meet your needs in witnessing a full load test cycle. This will be achieved by our trained teams in a controlled laboratory environment.

The H3610M dynamometer tester has the largest testing capacity in South Africa, with application power up to 7500 kW – 10 000 HP, at speeds up to 2500 RPM and torque up to 50,000 Lb-ft. (67,791 NM).

Notable Projects

South African Navy:

Throughout the contract period, Grimms ACDS has worked on SA NAVY Replenishment Vessel, Hydrographic Survey Vessel, Mine Hunters, Strike Craft, Small Craft, Tugs, Submarines and Frigates. Some services are executed at shore establishments: Silvermine, Goedverwacht and Naval Communication Centre Durban.

  • First propulsion contractor to rebuild MTU 16V1163 engine
  • Overhauled and completed over eight MTU 12V183 Auxiliary engines
  • Successfully rebuilt three classic MTU 652 main propulsion engines
  • Successfully overhauled sea suction, overboard and sea chest valves for the Susan Kruger as well as the refurbishing of both starboard and port side shaft seals.
  • Cylinder Head Cam Box repairs done on the MTU 538 engine.

ACDS was the successful bidder for the contract with the South African Navy for the maintenance of all engines and propulsion.

Robben Island Museum:

ACDS supported the repair interventions on the MTU 16V2000 M70 engines on board the MV Sikhuluekile.

Completed tasks such as fault finding on the internal cooling water leaks, replace seals and gaskets on exhaust cooling lines, overhaul injectors and turbochargers and supplying the required spares.

Port Elizabeth South Africa:

ACDS successfully completed mechanical repair works on a container vessel in the port of COEGA. The main engine was a Sulzer type RTA 84C with the engine power output exceeding 1000kW.

Transnet National Ports Authority:

Successful bidder for all maintenance, repair, and service work for Transnet National ports Authority. 

Grimms ACDS

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