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Your trusted engineering partner since 1986
Grimms Group is an engineering service provider that specialises in five main industries: Automotive, Marine, Pumps, Power Generation, And Spare Parts. In addition to working with companies and individuals in these industries, the company also assists public institutions with their projects.

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Grimms Power Generation

DivisionsGrimms Power Generation
SpecialitiesPower generation solutionsPower generation & automatic transfer switches sales
Services– Commissioning, maintenance, and repairs of generator units & automatic transfer switches
– Extended coverage
– Upgrades
– Full-service radiator cleaning
– Short- and long-term contracts services
– Support services & technical support
– New power generation
– New automatic transfer switches
– New marine gensets supply
– Genuine parts spares supply
SectorsEnergy sector: utilities, telecom, hospital, marine, data centres, construction, agriculture, oil & gas, manufacturing, mining, municipalities, government, farm/dairy industries, etc.

Grimms - Power Generation

Power Generation
Solutions & Automatic
Transfer Switch Sales

Grimms Power generation is a reliable and dependable dealer of diesel generator units, parts, and accessories. We provide a range of standby/continuous generators, both single and three-phase power as well as automatic transfer switches to ensure reliability, resilience, security, to governmental, residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial properties and equipment.

  • Continuous power generation units are designed to work on a consistent basis at variable load, in remote locations where the power supply is unreliable and where there is no access to the grid to supply electric power. Continuous Generators are compatible with use in: marine, construction, oil & gas operations, drilling, or mining.
  • Standby power generation is a reliable backup power provider that ensures uninterruptible electricity when the main source of power fails. The standby generators are crucial for businesses and power outage on the grid can cause a ripple effect of serious consequences. Examples of these applications are Hospitals, Stadiums, Airports, Data centres, industrial facilities, power plants and any other type of building.

Additional expertise

  • Diesel generator overhaul, repair, and maintenance
  • Refurbishment of components
  • Radiator overhaul, repair, service, and maintenance
  • Marine diesel gensets repair and maintenance
  • Turbochargers repair and turbo balancing technology
  • Gear boxes and alternators repair and maintenance
  • Valve overhauls

Notable Projects

Grimms power generation supplied and commissioned 2 (two) 450 KVA generator for Robben Island.

Supplied and commissioned over 25 (twenty-five) generator sets ranging 22-33 KVA for the Department of Health in the Western Cape.

Supplied and commissioned 110KVA generator for Abbotts  Colleges and a 150 KVA for Intercare Blouberg.

Supplied and commissioned 2 (two) 45 KVA, three-phase diesel generators and the supply and delivery of 2 (two) portable floodlights each mounted to a 3.5 KVA generator for the Western Cape Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports.

Grimms Power Generation

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O9 Milner Road,
Paarden Eiland, Cape Town,
7405, South Africa

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