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Your trusted engineering partner since 1986
Grimms Group is an engineering service provider that specialises in five main industries: Automotive, Marine, Pumps, Power Generation, And Spare Parts.

The company

Grimms Engineering Group

The parent company Grimms group was founded in 1986 by the CEO, Shafiek Hendricks, initially to repair auto vehicle’s engines. In 1990 the company decided to open its first workshop, which now offers a range of services for motor vehicles, from routine maintenance to complicated repairs, for private, commercial, and industrial sectors.

Since then, the company has extended its expertise to serve the Marine sector through ACDS division. Grimms ACDS has become one of the most successful diesel engine specialists in the Western Cape. We provide engineering solutions and technology-oriented services for all types of marine diesel engines, including propulsion systems and power generation. More than an engine expert, Grimms Group also offers turnkey project management solutions. The group’s teams are involved with the entire process, from the initial planning phase right through to the finalisation and closure. In addition, to complete turnkey packages, Grimms supplies parts and consumables for all engine models through its spares procurement division in Cape Town.

Grimms Group has recently expanded its expertise in the engineering pump industry to meet the growing needs of its current and future clients. Grimms Pump division specializes in the repair and refurbishment of pumps and related equipment for water transfers, collection, and treatment.

Grimms Group

The priority axes of Grimms Group

Quality management system

Customer satisfaction is essential to Grimms’s quality management system. It is based on being attentive to our customer’s needs, understanding their requirements and meeting the group’s commitments in terms of quality, costs, lead times and safety of products and services delivered. Our ISO 9001 certification demonstrates the high-quality management practices and commitment to improvement that Grimms group takes pride in.

Ethical principals

At Grimms, ethics is a key value shared by all employees. For several years, the group has implemented a strong Ethics program outlining its five core ethical values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Accountability
  • Professionalism
  • Pushing beyond boundaries.

The group has also developed a code of conduct based on a policy of zero tolerance toward any practice of corruption, misappropriation, discrimination, and favouritism. The Ethics Policy and the code of conduct are both available and openly accessible to all Grimms Employees.

Impact on the environment

We are committed to improving sustainable processes in our industry, starting from our own workshop equipped for marine engines turbochargers and pumps repairs in Paarden Eiland. We have received ISO 14001 certification and achieved sustainability goals by minimizing energy consumption, waste, and the company’s environmental footprint. We also work in close collaboration with customers and partners to reduce engine running costs and emissions.

Black economic transformation

Facilitating professional and social integration is the cornerstone of Grimms policy through many initiatives across the group. We have been awarded the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Level 1, after an extensive audit on three key pillars: Employment equality, fighting youth unemployment and outreach to disadvantaged groups. At Grimms, we believe that true transformation and empowerment is a key requirement for the promotion of sustainable economic growth and social development in South Africa.

Employees empowerment

Our employees are our most precious asset, we believe in our team of professionals and empower them to perform to the best of their abilities. Accordingly, we intend to offer an environment with sufficient freedom for our professionals, encouraging individual initiatives that improve and add value to the group.

Grimms group’s empowerment strategy is about promoting sustainable creation of employment and investing in skills development of our employees, we offer compelling propositions which include:

  • Continuous skills development through employee training and development program
  • Apprenticeship and learnership through merSETA
  • Competitive remuneration and reward
  • Growth opportunities in the group

Grimms Group


Grimms Group’s approach is encapsulated in its positioning statement “Excellent yet Affordable”:

The word “Excellent’’ articulates Grimms Group’s ability to provide high-quality services and to meet challenges with innovative solutions.

The word “affordable” reflects the company’s capacity to offer engineering solutions at fair and equitable pricing.

Grimms Group

What drives our business?

Each member of Grimms Group’s teams has a unique set of skills and expertise that enables them to fulfil their individual mission successfully, whilst coordinating their efforts towards a common goal: developing a unique value for clients.

Grimms Group relies on the increasing demand for local engineering companies that can ensure accessibility, efficiency, and safety in the completion of projects. In addition, Grimms Group has a deep understanding of the South African market which proves invaluable to our clients.

our common goal

"developing a unique
value for our clients"

The company

Mission & Vision

Our mission:

We are committed to and thrive on providing accurate, innovative, and cost-effective engineering solutions that solve our customer’s problems, transform results and foster success in a safe and sustainable manner. To ensure we continue to increase our impact along this journey, we have committed ourselves to:

  • Playing a key role in helping our clients achieve their ambitions by building long-lasting client relationships based on trust and engagement.
  • Developing the full potential of our teams within an open, creative, and productive environment.
  • Contributing to economic transformation in South Africa by facilitating professional integration of employees from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our Vision:

Grimms Group aspires to become the leading engineering group in South Africa with expertise in auto-mechanical, pumps, power generation, and Diesel Marine Engines. The group has also a strong ambition to diversify its business by including other integrated and complementary industries such as parts manufacturing. This diversification will enable the group to extend its footprint across Africa.

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